Medtech Valuation Killers: 10 Regulatory & Commercialization Traps to Avoid

In this free session, Minnie Baylor-Henry, J.D.  will sit down with YourEncore Expert and Strategic Advisor, Janet Vargo, Ph.D. to share 10  mistakes medical device start-ups frequently make during development that ultimately reduce their valuation to potential acquirers.   

After evaluating dozens of innovative new medical device products as an executive at Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Vargo has seen firsthand the common mistakes that small companies make.  In this session, she will outline the regulatory and commercialization pitfalls to avoid that will improve your speed to market, valuation, and interest from large medical devices companies. 

About Janet Vargo, Ph.D.:  Dr. Vargo is a Strategic Advisor to YourEncore and a member of the Medical Devices and Diagnostics Practice.  Prior to joining YourEncore, Dr. Vargo served as Board Member and Head of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for Mentor, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson Company, and she advised on clinical trial design, device and biologics safety analyses, due diligence efforts, and regulatory strategy for new-to-the-world products for the entire Johnson & Johnson Medical Device and Diagnostic sector. 

About Minnie Baylor-Henry, J.D.: Minnie Baylor-Henry, J.D. is a Strategic Advisor to YourEncore and the Medical Devices and Diagnostics Practice Lead.  Prior to assuming her current role in 2015, she was the Worldwide Vice-President for Regulatory Affairs for Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) Medical Devices & Diagnostics business.