Join Tim Franson, M.D. , Joseph Lamendola, Ph.D., Peter J. Pitts, and Don Therasse, M.D.  for one of our most anticipated webcasts of 2016.

The Butterfly Effect, first coined by Edward Lorenz, refers to the concept that small changes can create large downstream effects. Today, the biopharma industry is operating at the tip of a butterfly’s wings.

For this year’s Pharm-ers Almanac, YourEncore assembled a team of top industry experts to discuss areas within the biopharma industry that are poised for disruption that initially may seem insignificant, but could have a large and lasting ripple effect.

In this session, we'll highlight the top areas and provide some 'things to watch' as you build or execute your drug development plans.  We'll also answer your questions.

Topics include:
-Drug-Device Combination Products
-Drug Pricing
-CROs-Sponsor Relationships
-New Regulations
-Drug Quality

Register now, spots are limited.

About Tim Franson, M.D.: Dr. Franson is the Chief Medical Officer for YourEncore and industry expert in regulatory affairs and drug development policy.  Dr. Franson is the Chairman of the Board for the Critical Path Institute, the Immediate Past President of the USP, and former VP of Global Regulatory Affairs and Patient Safety for Eli Lilly & Company.  

About Joseph Lamendola, Ph.D.: Dr. Lamendola is the SVP of YourEncore's biopharma practice and the former US VP of Regulatory Sciences for Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Over a 25 year regulatory career, Dr. Lamendola is responsible for 20+ approvals across 10+ therapeutic areas.  With hundreds of agency interactions under his belt, Joe provides clients with the insights, relationships, and credibility needed to bring drugs to patients quicker.

About Peter J. Pitts.: Peter is an Executive Partner for YourEncore, former FDA Associate Commissioner,  current Chief Regulatory Officer for Adherent Health Strategies, and Founder/President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. 

About Don Therasse, M.D.: Dr. Therasse is a Strategic Advisor for YourEncore specializing in clinical development, medical affairs and drug safety. He is the former vice president, global patient safety and global medical affairs at Eli Lilly and Company.